Maximise your Hotel’s Packages and Profits!


We are all well aware of the benefits of hotel packages. Think about it- have you ever booked a hotel purely on the strength and nature of its promoted offers? They are key for attracting the deal-seeking traveler! However, with all of the noise in today’s online world, it can be a struggle to emphasise your packages. Michael Porter, an academic known for his business strategy theories once said- “Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” In order to be truly effective with regards to your hotel’s acquisitions, your packages must stand out from the rest. Keep reading to discover how to create and promote well-received, profitable packages.

Pick a niche demographic.

One size doesn’t fit all, and the same goes for your packages. The simple ‘bed and breakfast’ package is great, but unfortunately no longer suffices. A deal with breakfast included is expected and consumers are seeking more. By making your package too general you will end up appealing to no-one. Pick a niche demographic and market to their lifestyle. By using Google Analytics you can see who your most common guests are- i.e the business traveler, couples, families etc. If your hotel is family orientated, create a package that will suit to their family holiday needs. For example, include a family day event coupled with a babysitter in the evenings. Take this recent example from Maryborough Hotel.


Standard Packages.

Standard packages are the best kinds for getting discovered by Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A user enters their search query (often using specific terms and phrases, or better yet, keywords), and the search engine presents them with a list of matching results. Therefore, a consistent, all year round, honeymooners package will be easily found by a couple searching for a getaway break through the correct use of Keywords and SEO. Click here to learn more about optimising your keyword strategy.

Furthermore, with standard packages you have the opportunity to promote these packages with a bumper ad. Bumper ads are six second video campaigns designed around current, modern viewing habits. By linking your YouTube channel directly to your AdWords, you can create re-marketing lists and use your bumper ad to re-target your package to users that have shown an interest in with your package’s theme. For more information on bumper ads click here. The Galgorm’s Wedding themed bumper ad is a great example of how to use them to promote packages.

Pick a Trend.

For those packages that aren’t permanent, it’s a good idea to revolve them around a phrase that is trending. Tie them into holidays or special commemorative days. Associating your package with a trend will allow for a greater chance of it being discovered in conjunction with a search about an event/holiday. For example, The Bulgari Hotel offered a ‘Royal Package’ to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

Furthermore, keep your packages up to date with the latest fads. We are all well aware of the ‘health and wellness’ craze that has been ongoing for quite some time now. Don’t let the opportunity pass and create a wellness package! Simply get in contact with a fitness/yoga instructor and organize classes to accompany your guests stay.

Make it Discoverable.

Another great way of maximising your package’s reach is by partnering with another company. Cross promotion is a win-win for all involved and is easily done with regards to forming a package. Strike a deal with a company by including their service in your package in exchange for promotion.

Furthermore, if your hotel website has a ‘blog’ section, make sure to pair your package with it! This will improve your overall SEO marketing effort for the package. A good idea to consider is creating a Bucket List blog of things to do in your hotel’s location. You can then allow your guest to pick one to add to their stay as part of their package.


An enticing, appealing package is often what gives your potential guest the gentle nudge to go and make a booking. They are a staple of any marketing and sales strategy. However, in today’s competitive hotel industry, they are also something guests will be expecting to have offered to them. Therefore, you must ensure your packages are both created and promoted effectively in order to interest your guests personally and see a legitimate increase in revenue.

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