Break Out of the Ad Clutter


Today, we are exposed to so many advertisements on so many platforms that unless they stand out, we are immune to them. Ditch the generic content and imagery and make your Ad captivating, original and appealing! Follow these design guidelines to receive a great reaction.

Catching the eye of the viewer

Your campaign’s image will be the ultimate deciding factor of whether or not your Ad will make your viewer stop in their scrolling tracks. Break through the clutter and present your message in an authentic and creative way. It is easier said than done, but don’t give up. The impact that it will have on your viewer will be worth the time spent brainstorming. Note how The Hoxton hotel uses no imagery of their hotel in the example shown below. Venture away from generic imagery of bedrooms and swimming pools. Think along the lines of imagery that is relevant to your properties history, location, local events or as simple as the time of year (such as the below 99 ice-cream). Alternatively, try introducing visual metaphors, hyperbole or surrealism into your campaign.

ad design

Focus on your theme

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not let it do the talking! Don’t let text get in in the way. Imagery when done right is enough to evoke the emotional response you need to get a click. In fact, Facebook Ads actually have a ‘text penalty‘. The more text you use, the less delivery your Ad will get. The Social Giant demands that your text comprises of no more than 20% of the image area.

By keeping your Ad simple, you will not only increase your chance of appealing to a wider audience but you can focus on a clean and clear Call To Action. This ad by The Westin is a great example. The content is simple and can be mentally digested at a glance. It screams comfort!

ad design

Image Source: Ads of the World

Conveying your vibe & message

Don’t underestimate the power of the colours that you use in your imagery. The correct colour palette will convey the mood and attitude that you want your advertisement to portray and will grab your target consumer’s attention. If your hotel is family fun orientated, use vibrant and warm shades such orange and red. If you are promoting a spa package, the use of whitespace would prove incredibly useful. The colour white is associated with peace, quiet and cleanliness, giving off the perfect impression for someone looking for a relaxing break.

The Killashee Hotel, Co. Kildare, boasts an enchanting setting of “splendid gardens and gloriously wild woodland and trails”. Their latest campaign portrays exactly this. However, there is not a description nor an image of the gardens in sight. Instead, they have (successfully) used a dainty font, fairytale imagery and warm colours, proving that innovative design and effective advertising go hand in hand.

Ad design

Similarly to how the correct colour palette will convey the correct vibe of your hotel, scaling will help you to pinpoint the focal point of your advertisement. By scaling an image up, you can dramatise it, and by scaling it down, you can give it a delicate effect. When done correctly, scaling is a great way of making your campaign appear intriguing. This will prove very effective in captivating the viewer, inviting them to look into it further.


In order for your advertisement to have a high performance rate, it must first have a high impact on the viewer. The ways of ensuring this is by making it eye-catching and engaging, which all comes down to design. What you put into a campaign is what you get out of it. Although it is not child’s play, it is worth putting in the effort.  If you want to find out more about how to upgrade your advertisements, contact us today!


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